Ours is a twisted world

I am no master at drawing conclusions but this thought has etched itself in my mind – ours is a twisted world. There is so much negativity in our times! People understand your anger, abuse, bitterness and whining but they would question your forgiveness, your strength, your smile, your love and help.

We don’t take inspirations, we make accusations! Have we really stooped to such a low level? We are so used to fueling our ego that one act of kindness from someone that makes us question our own self sends us in a rage of hatred against the other. A person standing up for something reminds us of our own lack of courage, seeing someone fight through tough times with a smile on their face highlights our own weakness. Why work hard and be better when it is so easy to be like everyone else?

Always take the road less traveled by others, only then can you reach the destination achieved only by a blessed few.

Think. Feel.


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