Urdu poetry translated by me

Companion – Urdu Poetry Translated

(Edit: I got my maximum number of hits on this entry for some reason so I decided to translate the complete OST from Humsafar. The last two stanzas are not as good as the original first two but hey I gave it a try!)

When we parted ways,
Neither you cried nor I,
But, what is this,
A peaceful sleep since,
Has not touched our eyes?

He was my companion,
But not in harmony were we,
Like the clouds and sunlight,
Together but as apart as can be.

There were feelings of animosity,
And anguish between us,
My departed lover, had been everything,
But unfaithful.

Last time I looked into his eyes,
My poetry reflected back at me,
Verses, that which I had never,
Recited to anyone.

There is nothing more beautiful than Urdu poetry and English language can never do justice to it. So, this is a rather failed attempt at translating Naseer Turabi’s poetry but I can’t help it as I just love the ghazal. Following is the Urdu version (only the part that I was able to translate):

Tark-e-taluqat pe roya na tu na main,
Lekin ye kya ke chain se soya na tu na main.

Woh humsafar tha magar us say humnawaayi na thi ,
Keh dhoop chayon ka alam raha, judaayi na thi.

Adawatain theen, taghaful tha, ranjishain theen magar,
Bicharne walay mai sab kuch tha, bewafayi na thi.

Bichartay waqt bhi un aankhon mai thi humari ghazal,
Ghazal bhi woh jo kisi ko kabhi sunayi na thi …


24 thoughts on “Companion – Urdu Poetry Translated

  1. the way you translate this poetry awesome man yar main shukriya kese adaa karu apka pehli bat ye k zabardast shayri ka intikhab or phr English me b biyaan ese kia k maza aagaya hats off and love you yar…. :)


  2. I googled humsafar OST translation bcos I really couldn’t understand some of the core urdu words and I have to say this is the most beautifully translated piece ever. Urdu poetry is so beautiful and honestly, you’ve given me just another reason to love this song even more. Thank you so much. Beautiful translation!


    • Thank you Mahnoor for your kind words. Translations esp. from Urdu to English are not easy. I am glad you liked it and it helped you understand the poetry better because its one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever read or heard :)


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  4. Thank a lot man for a beautiful tranlation of this wonderful song… started watching humsafar last month, n last night just got that uncontrollable urge to find the complete song, lyrics with translation… Thanks a lot again… :)


  5. “My departed lover, had been everything,
    But unfaithful.”

    dear i think Poet was trying to tell us how faithful his lover was and you completely contrasted the real thought.


  6. The behtareen cheez with this is that you are probably (I think surely) not a professional writer, but the translation for the supposed to be first timer is super awesome. I’m enthralled rather very glad to see someone’s blog having urdu poetry, urdu excerpts and stuff – meri pasandida, aesi zaban jisko mein ne likha, parha, mehsoos kiya, jiya. Ies baat kai liye you’ve got a big hug and applause from me, achi larki. ^.^
    Atleast, till date, in this journey at wordpress, this is the first ever blog I’ve seen with URDU touch too. Very beautifully compiled.
    P.S: Wese, I loved to catch you on twitter too, so I followed ye.
    Kar bhi liya, abhi bta bhi rehi. Pata nahi kiyun bata rehi.


    • LOL! Ye tareef ho rahi hai k baisti? :-P No, not a professional writer. Professional kya I am not even a writer, ye tau sometimes mujhe ilhaam hota hai warna I can’t write to save my life (school is proof -_-). Also, technically this is my third translation, the other two songs I never posted here, woh kisi school notepad pe likhay huay hon gay :D

      I love Urdu. It is very deep and rich in emotions, the kind that you just can’t have in English :(

      And joo are very kind Miss, thank you for all the lovely comments :-)


  7. O meri aani, menu tareef kitha. (Ok, being a pathan, that was the best possible way I could speak Punjabi.) :P
    Anndd, well said. Urdu is rich, it’s beauty. Annd Pleasure. ^.^


  8. Amazing translation…
    But the lines
    ‘K dhoop chao ka
    Aalam raha
    Judai na thi..’

    I think she is trying to say even after sepration from her lover, the beautiful moments as wel as rough part they shared use to linger on every minute that she never felt he was gone. He lived in her memories..


  9. the first four lines above were NOT written by taurabi, they are borrowed from a different poem, his work begins with ‘wo humsafar tha…’

    the first four lines belong to somehting (for me) even more amazing:

    Tark-e-Taluqaat pe Roya na tu na main
    Lekin ye kia ke chain se soya na tu na main

    Halaat ke talism ne pathra dia magar
    Beete samay ki yaad main khoya na tu na main

    Her chand ke ikhtilaaf ke pehlu hazar the
    Waa kar saka magar lab-e-goya na tu na main

    Nohay Faseel-e-zabt se unchay na ho sake
    Khul kar dayar-e-sang main roya na tu na main

    Jab bhi nazar uthti to falak ki taraf uthti
    Bargushta aasman se goya na tu na main


    Attaar Yousef


    • Dear Atar could u plz post or mail me full shayri of Naseer turabi ‘zindagi khak na thi’ because I sense that I am getting some mix version of it. ..also could u plz tell me where to find full shayri sung by hadiqa kiyani because where ever I found it is not full shayri..

      With thanks


  10. At the breaking of ties, nor you cried nor I,
    But why is it that at night, nor you slept nor I?

    The ecstasy of the moment turned me to statue stone,
    Over time passed, nor you dwelt nor I,

    Every difference has a thousand folds and facets,
    But make it known and felt, nor you could nor I,

    The lementing calls could not reach the heights which do them justice,
    In the house made of stone, nor could you cry nor I,

    Whenever the gaze was raised, it was towards the heavens,
    Detached it seems from the heavens, both you are and I


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