20 Facts About Me

So, there was this twitter trend of #20factsaboutme and since I had nothing else to do (actually I did but I didn’t want to do it so!) I did tweet 20 facts about me much to the dismay of *some* of my followers while others happily continued to ignore me. I decided to share it here too I mean why should only my followers on twitter be tortured, right?

#20factsaboutme 1. I HATE star plus. I would like to kill the *idea* of star plus and it’s stupid serials!

#20factsaboutme 2. I love my country. I enjoy the good and bad points. You insult my #Pakistan I will kick your ass!

#20factsaboutme 3. My family is my jaan (life). Ammi (mother), Abbu (father), Bhai (brothers) – the best people on earth.
#20factsaboutme 4. Islam defines my existence. Whether or not you follow is between you and your Rab and not for me to judge but knowledge and Aqeeda is very important. Never disrespect Islam.
#20factsaboutme 5. I loveeeeee good food. Mostly teekha, karak, spicy. I try everything love to experiment. As long as its good ill eat it :D
#20factsaboutme 6. I cannot function without chai (tea). I am hooked to tea since the age of 2. Chai mangta boss (I need tea man!)… chahay kuch bhi ho (no matter what!).
#20factsaboutme 7. I love traveling. Seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures. Its amazing!
#20factsaboutme 8. Reading is my passion. I live and die for it. Hand me a good book and I won’t emerge between normal people until its finished.
#20factsaboutme 9. I have zero tolerance for Wahabi beliefs. Period.
#20factsaboutme 10. Mujhe afsos karna nahi aata (I don’t know how to be upset/sad). (Yeah I know thats a dialogue but fits me to the T ! )
#20factsaboutme 11. I like to be in the company of kids. They are the most genuine souls . Their laughter, their smiles, their talk can relieve ages of stress.
#20factsaboutme 12. Blue is my favorite color. Although, I love all colors and have a keen sense of mix and match but blue – haye (sigh :p ) <3!
#20factsaboutme 13. I always accept & apologise for my mistakes. When it comes to people I love the most, I apologise even if its not my fault.
#20factsaboutme 14. I value my friends. My best friend is the sister I never had. I’ll go above and beyond for my friends. They have been there for me through thick and thin!
#20factsaboutme 15. I am loyal to the very core of my being. That may sound like a good thing but sometimes its not.
#20factsaboutme 16. I do not like the company of strict, serious, uptight people. Loosen up you creeps! :-/ I’ll probably annoy the bloody hell outta them and for that reason I try to avoid them as much as possible :P
#20factsaboutme 17. I love to joke, smile, socialize and have fun.If you don’t have a good sense of humor no issues, but if you can’t take a joke #chalhutt (outta my way!).
#20factsaboutme 18. I <3 ice cream. Enough said. (Except crunch – eeeekk!!!)
#20factsaboutme 19. I love perfumes. I have about 10 new ones and I bought not a single one of them :D
#20factsaboutme 20. I love Henna/Mehndi. The color, the smell, the texture – everything.
There is one thing I should’ve mentioned which I didn’t is that I am a very patient person, I try to be, I am not pretentious and I am extremely blunt, so if you continue to piss me off while I try to ignore your crap all hell WILL break loose!

11 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

    • OH. MY. GOD! I have followed your food blog for years.. I cannot believe you stumbled upon mine.. and and you commented! What an honor! :’)

      Ameen and Jazak Allah Khair for the dua. May Allah Ta’ala always bless you and your family ameen :-)


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