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Do the bachon wali baat! (Lets be kids!)

Some people just jump into your life… out of nowhere, when you least expect them to! Like little kids hiding behind a door waiting to ‘surprise‘ a friend, catching them off-guard, scaring the bloody crap outta them, making their heart pump blood to thrice its speed and for a second everything stops. The silence is broken only by the sound of laughter coming from the other side of the door. It may annoy you, embarrass you and you may even contemplate murder but no matter how mad it makes you, in the end you will join in the laughter and enjoy the moment while you kick, pinch or punch the freak of nature!

These people they make the days more brighter and the smiles more meaningful. You can sit with them in comfortable silence or talk with them about nothing for hours. With a sense of humor that makes you pee in your pants you rarely experience a dull moment in their company.

They are not like normal human beings. Sometimes, you are not even sure if they are human beings at all. They don’t follow rules for anything. They don’t know the usual definition of friendship. If you are sick they will not hold your hand and cry, they will grab it and pull you out of bed. If you went through a break up with a lousy person they won’t be there with a tissue box and ice cream, they will slap you back to reality and ask you for a treat instead. If you feel down in life, they won’t sit and hear you whine they will drag you to the destination even if you reach there half dead! They will push you off the edge of the cliff so that you trust your instinct to fly, with a parachute attached just in case.

No, they are not normal people. Its not that they have never experienced sorrow or the harsh realities of life, they just choose to rise above it. They don’t let anything mess with their head, their strength, courage and happiness. They know how to pick themselves up and stomp on life’s feet or someone else’s for that matter, who cares?

They are eccentric, silly and completely bonkers! In reality though, they are adults who are still enjoying their childhood and proudly. They don’t let society’s view of who should behave how, define them. Instead, this society needs to see things their way or they won’t share their lunch. They may irritate you to death but you can’t thank God enough that they are part of your life. They let you be that kid again for whom even staying up late, having another cone of ice cream or drinking the last glass of Pepsi without the parents notice is an adventure.

Never be afraid to do something silly. I don’t mean hurt someone, just harmless fun. Throw a paper clip at someone at office and whistle away. Doodle in your book while pretending to be deep in thought.  Pretend to have a seizure in your school test. Look at a friend and make faces as if they smell bad. If it feels like a bachon wali baat, DO IT!


4 thoughts on “Do the bachon wali baat! (Lets be kids!)

  1. Thank you for writing up an entire article to explain how deeply I moved you and how important of a part I play in your life. One thing you forgot to mention though is that “these people” also happen to be extremely good looking and possess awesome personality traits which are not just rare to find but are almost on the brink of extinction. I will try and take some time out to cover you sometime on my blog as well. Until that time comes, please be assured that you are truly remembered and your efforts are well recorded in a giant book of good records. If need be, that book may be published in the future and this article might just make that one a bestseller.


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