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Pain Belongs To Me

I look into the hollow eyes,

Where once dreams danced,

Into the darkness of the hurt souls,

I glance,

They speak to me volumes,


The world lives on,

Like ghosts they stand,

Invisible they suffer,


I gather the scarred pieces,

Of the once happy heart,

The wind scatters the promises,

That were torn apart,

In the depths of the oceans,

I count the hidden tears,

With the waves I travel,

To read the words they smear,

I untangle the knots of the past,

To set them free,

All their pain,

Now belongs to me …


2 thoughts on “Pain Belongs To Me

  1. While listening to the lullabies
    I forget about the thunder and the rain

    In the ocean, when I drown in it
    I forget the pain inflicted upon myself.
    Brilliantly written. The rhymes, words, sentences go along pretty well. And I Love it. Although, why don’t you set up pairs of statements instead of each individual line? This way the whole poem seems a little bit messed up, you don’t know where to expect the next rhyme.


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