Incoherant ramblings of a car sick me

Dear future hubby,

I hate traveling in cars. Or buses or jeeps. I cannot travel by road in short. Absolutely loathe it. Even if its a five minutes drive, I hate everything about it. The cold sweats, the painful stomach cramps, the heavy eyes. The AC inside, the heat outside. The traffic bothers me, the pollution bothers me and sometimes, even the sunlight bothers me. The whole experience makes me queasy. If only I could read a book but I can’t because that makes me dizzy and nauseated. I can’t even listen to music I feel as if my head would burst. I wish there was a simpler way to travel. Like through floo powder or I wouldn’t mind apparition either. If you don’t know what floo powder or apparition, dude you BETTER know what floo powder and apparition is, WARNA … *breath in, breath out*

Anyways, I digress.

Deep down in my heart I know you will love your car more than you will love me. I can never take “her” place, so if you don’t want the contents of my stomach all over her make sure your plan for a romantic evening doesn’t include long drives. If you must *insist* that we go then you have to be very, very and I cannot emphasize enough, V.E.R.Y. patient. No abrupt twists and turns, no speeding and if I start to get sick, then stop the darn sautan car till I feel better. I don’t care if that makes her jealous! When we reach our desired destination, be extremely kind and caring for half an hour atleast and bring me lots of lemonade, after that I am sure we will have a great evening together.

Thank you for listening. I know you are amazing like that. I am already excited about our plans.


Your current carsick-future-wife.


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