English / Poems (by me)


Drip, drip, drip.

It was one swift movement,
Across her wrist,
The warmth flowed,
Down her fingertips,
A smile touched her lips,
She had let go of the pain,
She welcomed the dark abyss,
For once,
It was not within her,
Her body lay limp on the cold floor,
Her lifeless eyes,
Stared at the ceiling above,
If only there was someone,
To whisper a loving word,
A friendly face,
A warm touch,
But, alone she was,
And slowly,
Drop by drop,
Life bled out of her …


2 thoughts on “Release

  1. Astonishing. It forces me to write my own in a modified form. Just for my Lil Cousin! ;)

    Title: Angels On Earth


    Little cousin of mine,
    Drift across my Wrist,
    Makes the warmth to flow,
    Down to my Fingertips..

    The Smile touched my Lips,
    leaving the Pain Behind,
    I welcomed the Silver Beams of Light in Dark,
    For once, It sounds like a Clunk.

    My Lifeless eyes,
    My numb soul,
    Attracted by a magneto-Power far above,
    Demanding me to whisper,
    Asking me not to be a weeper,
    Pushing me to raise my head,
    Motivating me to understand this[My Little cousin] egg-head,
    Telling me to understand Life,
    Encouraging me to shine.

    Angels are NOT just on Sky,
    They are on Earth,
    In the shape of a little Juvenile.

    Islamabad Kid


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