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Book Review – Mockingjay (spoilers)

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Okay so that was anticlimactic.

I had decided to review this series from the first book but after Mockingjay, I just didn’t feel the need. Actually, now I don’t even understand why people are all praises for this series and why did I even bother with it.

I thought Hunger Games was okay, not as thrilling as people were screaming but good enough (the movie was terrible though), Catching Fire was simply awesome and it was because of the second book that I had hoped maybe Mockingjay would be an epic, action packed series finale.

I mean OH. MY. GOD!!! WHAT WAS THIS SORRY EXCUSE OF A BOOK ALL ABOUT?! Worst finale E.V.E.R! A series finale is supposed to tie all loose ends, finish all incomplete stories and give you closure. Instead in Mockingjay, we get a whole new District 13 with a whole new set of characters and as soon as I am beginning to know/like them, BAM! They are dead. Collins – people would have read a few hundred more pages or even a fourth book if it meant proper endings and the story making some sense but noooo, who would want to do that right?

My name is Katniss Everdeen. Why am I not dead? I should be dead.

YES!!!! YES YES YES!!! Yes you should have been dead you freak, atleast that would have made some sense! I don’t know where to begin with the flaws in this book!!! Why is Katniss Everdeen the face of the revolution? Why are people hungry to have a glimpse of her, to touch her and all that crap? She DIDN’T do anything except get out of the Arena alive twice. Both times it wasn’t for the greater good, first time it was survival (and alot of chances) and second time it was a well thought out plan. Take Harry Potter for example, people had a reason to be in awe, you understood why he was special! He fought Voldemort at numerous occasions. He had courage, the qualities of being a leader even at that young age and he was fighting for a cause. I don’t see how people saw THAT in Katniss. Infact this “uprising” felt more like an extended modeling assignment than a real revolution! Your home is ashes, people in 11 districts are dying left, right, center, Peeta is being tortured somewhere and your main concern is how you look on TV? Seriously? What were they expecting people to say, “They are dropping bombs on us, we have no home, no way to heal our wounds, and we are starving but boy do I want that latest Katniss hairdo?” – WTH!!!!

The leader, the mockingjay, was worse than Bella in Twilight. Depressing. Devoid of any human emotion. I get it Katniss’s PTSD has no comparison to Bella’s reaction over a break-up but compared to Katniss even she was a decent enough character. Atleast she got her act together when she had a friend to support her, she fought for what was dear to her AND (and I cannot emphasize this enough) she had the decency to make A CHOICE as SOON as she realised she had to make one, pick one man she loves. Also (and again I cannot emphasize this enough), she even feels guilty for kissing Jake.

On the other hand, our MOCK-FRIKKIN-JAY has no conscience what-so-frikkin-ever! Okay, so I get it in the first book – sixteen years old, never been in a real relationship kissing, hugging, flirting – even if it was all for the cameras had it’s charms but after that it just went haywire. When she thinks Gale is dying she is in love with him, when Peeta is nice to her she is in love with him. When she thought she will die and is leaving Gale for good she throws herself at Peeta, sleeping, hugging, kissing, picnics and sunsets. When she thinks Peeta is gone for good after being ‘hijacked’ she throws herself at Gale A.G.A.I.N!!!! (At this point though I had completely lost all respect for Katniss, she didn’t even *TRY* to help Peeta! Oh he is not the same Peeta anymore so lets discard him like a used tissue paper! And the number of times she had contemplated killing Peeta.. ugh!). Frankly, I didn’t think the whole love triangle thing should have been there in the series anyway, not more than what was required for the game, because apart from that Collins just did not handle it very well.

Even in the end Katniss just ends up with Peeta and how in the world did Hijacked Peeta went from killing to loving to marrying to having babies with Katniss? HOW?! Just by playing the REAL or NOT REAL game? A torture and brainwash of that kind was just wiped away by people telling him that what was real and what was not? People he didn’t even trust in the first place?

And her best friend aka possible love interest aka Prim killer aka Gale, just leaves her to her own devices. What kind of crap was that? At one point he is telling Peeta that he should have volunteered in place of Peeta and be with Katniss in the games and now he just abandoned her for life? And that logic that she would not have forgiven him for Prim’s death is bullpoop! He didn’t drop it on Prim and he didn’t design it to kill Prim, it was manipulated just like Katniss was on several occasions so Gale was not to be blamed for anything! And her last thought for her best friend is what? He is in District 2 kissing another pair of lips? SERIOUSLY? I mean seriously, Katniss? Just go die already!

And the deaths! Oh, the deaths! Don’t even get me started on Cinna! Why did he not a proper good-bye of ALL the people! And why did Prim die? I felt nothing when she dies. Nothing for Prim. Nothing for Katniss. Nothing. Prim’s relationship with Katniss was never explored so I felt nothing! Just another death. Like all other characters she killed off in a hurry so she wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore. If she had to kill anybody it should have been Haymitch. Why was he in the third book anyway? He served no purpose, he did nothing except be drunk and provide some comic relief. If he had died I would have been distraught but no he lives as an alcoholic, so that was comforting!

And the end with Snow? I was hoping it would be like Harry and Voldemort, oh who am I kidding nothing can be like Harry and Voldemort, but I sure was hoping it would be something similar.. but NOOOOOO!!! Katniss meets Snow in a genetically altered, blood smelling rose garden, get manipulated one last time, kills Coin and Snow chokes on his own bloody laughter and dies? Erm, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is that the evil they were fighting for years? After the build up in three books this is what we get?

I wish the story was presented with the perspective of other characters as well. Peeta, Gale or even Prim. In Harry Potter, though it was always Harry, but we had the chance to read about others through the memories in the pensieve. Even in Twilight series, we had Bella’s POV, Jake’s POV and in an unofficial writing Edward’s POV.

I was expecting that in the end she had shown that Katniss didn’t really end up with anyone, that Peeta and Katniss just stayed together and took care of each other, Prim goes on to become a doctor, gets married maybe and lives a decent life- the one that Katniss didn’t get. Or another good end could have been Finnick with Annie and their child after going through so much that would have meant something. Hope. That the revolution did bring some good after all and all those people didn’t die meaningless deaths.

In the end who suffered the most they ask? The reader. Take my advice, avoid.

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5 thoughts on “Book Review – Mockingjay (spoilers)

    • That she should cater for the Stephenie Meyer’s audience as well, after all SM was all praises for the series :P

      I did watch the movie and I did not like it. Again, they left out too many key points I felt. If I had not read the book I would not have known why she is doing what she is doing. The relationship between Katniss and Rue was dreadfully down played, there was no chemistry between her and Peeta and there was no desperation in any of the characters :-/ Instead of cut throat Hunger Games, it felt like a hiking trip to me.


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  2. I respectfully disagree u see first prim had to die so that katness can see gale was not for her and I see why katness killed president coin it was because she saved her over peeta and sent him to kill her in the group but I do agree that finnick shouldn’t have died but I thought it was a great book love is the base and u don’t have to read about wizards or vampires and werewolf’s to get it I’m very shore that katness feels bad now seeing herself kiss gale and wouldnt u if ur sister was Getting ready to die and u saved her but u knew life was over for u and the the only way of living was to “fall in love ” with someone u barley know meaning forgetting someone u fell in love with for years than once u servive someone tries to kill u again because u didn’t kill someone ur not even shore u have feelings for?


    • You have the right to your opinion but here is why I disagree with you.

      1. Gale did not create something to SPECIFICALLY kill Prim he was trying to fight the enemy Prim just got in between. Blaming him for Prim’s death is unfair and stupid so Katniss did not “see” anything there. Gale wanted to volunteer for Katniss.. you can imagine the kind of love and friendship they had. It’s a big deal wanting to give up your life for someone and yet she just leaves him so easily for something that is not even his fault. Secondly, the fact that Prim died for WHATSOEVER reason is THE BIGGEST reason for this stupid book’s failure. All this crap Katniss went through was to save Prim and the least she could’ve gotten in return was that Prim gets to live the life Katniss fought so hard for … but then that went all down the gutter with Prim’s death.
      2. Wizards are “humans” too (and so are werewolves tbf) they just have magic. Why I mentioned Harry Potter was because it too was about good vs evil, hero vs villain, courage, hope, love, friendship, fighting for what was right! You talk about love… Harry Potter is the heart of it. Harry’s biggest power and weapon was love.. his mother died saving him and that protected him from the most dangerous and powerful wizard and ultimately became his doom!

      3. That’s the point. Katniss doesn’t FALL IN LOVE she PRETENDS. She neither has true feelings for Gale or for Peeta while it was clear how much they loved HER! She cares for them yes but NEVER falls in love.. she never once expresses it which is why I mentioned Bella from Twilight. She loves both the men in her life BUT she picks one, she knows who she loves MORE. She makes a decision, a choice something which Katniss never does. She does whatever suits her situation.

      The end is just anticlimactic. I don’t understand the point of this book.. It was sad and hopeless!


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