Happy 27th birthday to me!

My new birthday resolution: Smile … While you still have teeth! :D

So, yesterday (13th October, 2012) was my 27th birthday. Forgive my lousy attempt at birthday doodle, I am still getting used to my Bamboo that Dad gave me for my birthday =)) (picture below). Although, nothing on my birthday was how I planned it but I guess it still turned out great, alhumdulillah :) I want to thank each and everyone of my family, friends and relatives for making my day so wonderful and special :) (That is right I am going to list them all!)

A very big thank you to Ammi, Abbu, Tara, Kanza, Aneesha, Zeesh, Mano, Ramiz, Saima, Sara, Samz, my brothers, Sultana, my Chacha and Chachi, Farman, Hamza, Abdul Ahad, Zainab, my Phopho, Zohaib, Zeeshan, Faizan, Daadi, Feelopu, Zubair, Adnan, Beeni, Ali, Waseem Bhai, Zain, Zara, Khurram, Tanya, Zarrar, Sabika, Rizwan Bhai, Samee, Mamu, Nazi, Nano, Dr. Imran, Sonia B., Shazil, Shahzaib, Darya and I guess that is about it. This is, to the best of my knowledge, the order in which I have received wishes (except the ones that overlapped :P).

Thank you so so so soooooooooooooo much everyone. You guys rock my world and make it worth living :) Hugs and kisses to all.

PS. I did not add anyone who wished me late AFTER I reminded them that they have forgotten my birthday. Whatever, I am still pretty pissed at them. I am sure if I had facebook I would have received tons of wishes from people, in fact, strangers! Birthdays are not exactly a big deal, for me it is just an excuse to spend time with loved ones and make someone feel extra special on that day. If you can’t do that then well, empty wishes don’t really mean anything. Not to me at least.

(More pictures coming up later.)


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