Thing to do before I die!

So, this is the crap I do when I should be working really. I started this list in some sort of order but then all went haywire. I will update the list when I think of more stuff. It is sad that  I have only managed to do only 11 on the list :(

  1. Perform Hajj
  2. Perform Umrah
  3. Do something amazing for my parents
  4. Get married and have kids
  5. Witness a snowfall
  6. Travel the world and record it all in pictures
    • Travel all over Pakistan
    • Visit Malaysia, Italy and Paris
    • Visit the islands in Istanbul, Turkey.
    • Visit Topkapı Palace in Istanbul,Turkey.
  7. Find my passion
  8. Attain a professional degree
  9. Bungee Jumping
  10. Skydiving
  11. Scuba diving
  12. Rollerblading
  13. Ride in a hot air balloon
  14. A heavy bike ride.. oh yeah!
  15. Go on a holiday with just friends
  16. Go camping and spend a night sleeping under the stars
  17. Watch a 3-D movie
  18. Watch a movie alone in a cinema
  19. Chop like a chef
  20. Go on a cruise
  21. Watch a sunset/sunrise with someone I love
  22. Teach
  23. Make a difference
  24. Get in shape (on-going)
  25. Learn a FEW foreign languages: Arabic, Farsi, Russian, French, PSL/ASL (Sign Language) and Spanish.
  26. Own a cat and a turtle
  27. Go fishing
  28. Have a study, no wait, a library of my own :D
  29. Meet my twitter friends
  30. Start collecting my favorite books
  31. Own a rubik’s cube and solve it
  32. Learn to eat with chopsticks
  33. Volunteer for a good cause
  34. Learn calligraphy
  35. Have a book shelf and a bedside lamp in my room
  36. Own and wear a suit!
  37. Learn how to drive a car.
  38. Drive a car.
  39. Own a DSLR.
  40. Learn Photography (professionally)
  41. Travel in a train
  42. Own a typewriter
  43. Type a letter to a loved one on a typewriter
  44. Own a carrom board

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