Random conversations with Mano – My BFF ღ


Taken from Google Images

Mano: Tell me you atleast finished the first book in the Game of Thrones series?

Me: Nai yaar kahan! Ek tau the book is unbearably lengthy and I usually read at night and Ammi gets angry when I leave the lights on.

Mano: Oho!

Me: I know, right? I do have a bedside lamp lekin my reading angle is so messed up the book blocks all the light!

Mano: OH OH I KNOW! *excited* You should get one of those miner’s hat or helmet or whatever.. *insert gestures of where the helmet goes and how the light will fall straight on the book* .. then you can easily read! *laughs* Now THAT would be cool!

Me (amused): ORRR.. I can buy a reading light!

Mano (making a face): Meh.


You know I love her ♥



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