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Sufi Kalaam

Sada na bulbul naghme gaye,

Sada na fasle baharan,

Sada na husn, jawani rehte,

Sada na suhbatain yaara,

Rab janay kis daman ke liye,

Kaun sa gul chunta hai,

Kehte hain sachay dil ki dua’in,

Jald Khuda sunta hai …


The verses above are from a song from the movie Henna and are based on the Sufi Kalaam by M. Mohammad Bakhash which is as follows:

Sada na baghi bulbul bole,

Teh sada na bagh bahara,

Sada na maa peh husn jawani,

Teh sada na sobath yaara.


I love them both and I am trying to translate it into English but I am failing miserably to capture the essence :)


2 thoughts on “Sufi Kalaam

  1. Rare is hearing cuckoos songs,
    Rare is residing in gardens in springs,
    Very small r moments of beauty and vigor,
    And very rare is company of soulmate.


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