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Zendagi Migzara


One of the first few lessons life taught me when I fell ill was: Zindagi Migzara* – Life Goes On! While I stayed at home, my friends were going places, doing things like nothing had changed. I wasn’t there at school but it didn’t make much of a difference. I am not saying they were insensitive. They called, they visited, they sent cards and everything. But the realisation, that my presence or my absence made no difference whatsoever was heartbreaking. Well, to a 13 year old it was.

I have grown up since. Although, it still breaks my heart I am just much better at handling it. Every time someone walks out of my life they take a big chunk of my heart with them and it feels like I will never be complete again. And then there are days when a little act of kindness from someone can be a reminder on how truly blessed I am. I have family, friends, well wishers who have stayed in my life, been there for me through thick and thin, taken my crap and generally have been on my side, supporting, cheering, praying or simply just being there. And at times like these I feel such overwhelming love for these kind souls, more than my fragile heart could possibly hold and I truly feel happy, alhumdulillah.

People who left taught me alot of things about life and relationships but I was able to learn them only because the people who stayed had kept my sanity intact. I love you, guys. Each and everyone of you! You have made me what I am today.

In life no situation or feeling is permanent. You can’t forever be happy. You can’t forever be sad. You can’t always feel pain. There is nothing static about this life.. whether or not the situation gets better or worse, it is bound to change. And just when you feel you have hit rock bottom Allah will make you aware of your own strengths and will power.

There is no point fighting it because change is the only constant, they say. Just make sure you are changing for the better! If you keep looking back, you will never know what is ahead and like I said, the truth is: Zendagi Migzara! :-)

*YES, I am a HUGE Kite Runner fan, hence, the featured image ;-)


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