Random / Short Stories

You thought you broke her heart …

They were there, the pieces. They were always there and they just wouldn’t go away. She tried to ignore them. She really tried. Sometimes, she sat for hours and stared at them until it was no longer possible.

And one day she knew it was time. So, she started putting them back together. One by one. She didn’t know where each one went but she just kept putting them back anyway. Some pieces made her smile and some made her sad. There were some she didn’t recognise at all. Some were too damaged so she left those places empty.

After she put the last piece in place, a smile crossed her lips. It wasn’t the smile for an accomplishment. It was a tired smile. A sad smile. She no longer had the tears to cry. She no longer had the will to keep doing this because she knew that everytime she did this, the empty places would increase. And soon there won’t be any pieces left to put back together.

You thought you had broken her heart? No. You broke her all! But like the phoenix from the ashes she rises again. Her weaknesses are now her strengths and this time it’ll be much harder to break her.


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