Alert – Online Child Molesters

Some child molesters get to live normal family lives. Maybe even happy a one – a stable job, a house, wife and kids. I often wonder that when this person, this child molester, when they have their own kids and they run into his arms esp. his daughter thinking that Daddy will love and protect them always, do they even look at their own children with lust and desire? Do they want to abuse their own flesh and blood? Or do they protect them? Knowing themselves, knowing what kind of monsters are out there. Do they stop and wonder, even for a second, that they have ruined and took advantage of someone else’s little girl or boy and scarred them for life?

What goes on in the mind of a person who sexually abuses a child I don’t know. I often say I don’t trust people who are not kind to children, but people who sexually abuse a child, I don’t know..  they are not even humans!

Why am I suddenly talking about child molesters? Because, believe it or not, there are some disgusting, vile jerks out there who are looking for kids, ONLINE. Yes, you read that right. They are not just searching for kids, they are writing stories and they have forums where they tell each other how to sexually abuse a child. A CHILD! How you should buy them stuff, make them sit on your lap and let them play video games or use your computer or phone. Ugh! It is beyond gross and repulsive how they talk! How I know this? Because apparently in some stupid fun moment I wrote this amusing piece of crap to make myself and my readers smile and not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the kind of traffic and search terms I would be getting on my blog.

Yes. Sexual abusers are exchanging ideas online. I am disgusted to my core! And I can’t push this thought out of my mind that I so lovingly share pictures of my nieces and nephews online with my friends and family. Do they even look at them… my nieces and nephews? Children! I can’t.. I can’t even .. The thought makes me sick to my stomach! I have the screenshots of the terms that these … horrible people are using but I don’t want to share them because I don’t want people searching them and reading them or me getting any more of this awful crap traffic. I ignored it first because I thought maybe it was just once or twice (not that it was okay even once or twice) but ever since I posted that poem in March I have gotten more hits. I am not okay. This is all NOT OKAY!

Sadly, we can’t control them. Nothing can be done about these sorry excuse of a human being. Nothing. I hope no parent ever has to go through this, EVER. You can’t control the jerks but you can help your child. Teach them, tell them all about inappropriate touching, tell them to always come to you if they ever feel uncomfortable with someone, be there for them and DON’T blame them! And, God Forbids, if they ever come to you with information of being molested, FIGHT FOR THEM!  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN! Watch your children – know what they are doing, where they are going and who they are spending time with. DON’T TRUST ANYONE! If you don’t know, you don’t have any idea what to do or how to do it then educate YOURSELF first. The internet is full of information that will help you but please, I am begging you, please protect your children.


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