Bon voyage to me!

Alright guys, I am off to Ukraine tonight inshaAllah. Please pray for a safe and fun journey. It’s me tau ofcourse it is going to be fun but pray for a safe one atleast for me and everyone else aboard. Kaha suna maaf.. if I have ever hurt your or teased you or irritated you or gossiped about you, please forgive me and know almost 99% of the time I was only joking. Okayyyy fineeeee, make it 90%. Jeez!

If you want to know what I am up to check out my travel blog. Not to put you guys on the spot but I will disown you if you don’t atleast read it. The link is also on my homepage and you can also get my posts through RSS feeds. Infact, I set up one on my homepage too. See? There is no reason not to read it. Yes, I realise I am shamelessly advertising (AGAIN) but hey I do the same for this blog on the new blog. Did that even make sense?

I will be packing my poor laptop now so it’ll probably be a day or two before I am back. Don’t miss me much!

Take care guys <3


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