Blow the candles, cut the cake.. Voilà I am 28!


I know this post is a bit  late. I turned 28 on 13th October, 2013 alhumdulillah and worse I am starting to feel and LOOK (eek!) like it too (previously my mind was stuck at 25 for some reason) :P

This is the third time I am celebrating my birthday in Ukraine and it was a blast!!! My silver jubilee was special too because I celebrated it in two different cities.. cool na? :D Not that there is anything special about the day itself but my family and friends go out of their way to make it just that :-)

This time, I actually have some negative feelings towards my real life friends and a few relatives (because well, acha rehne dia) but I am going to ignore those BECAUSE my immediate family and my twitter family celebrated this day with me and made it extraordinary. Thank you everyone.. you guys are AWESOME! Thank you Xubi for the couplet in my honor :P A special mention to my lovely bhaiyyas, Farman, Ramiz and Faizan who actually came up with fun and innovative ideas and made this day truly memorable! My chotay motay (fine! extremely patlay except you Ramiz :P ) bhaiyyas .. I love you guys, you keep me sane and no matter how sad or angry I am you guys always make me smile. Thank you for everything! You better be there always or each one of you is getting a chappair :P

A big big biggggggg thanks to my family, my parents and my brothers who are always there for me, bear with me 24/7 and still find it in their hearts to love me unconditionally and make my life worth living. I am nothing without you. I love you and no matter how much I thank Allah Ta’ala it will never be enough. He truly truly blessed me when He chose you as my family :’)

I, shockingly, also got an indirect wish. At least I think it was. Shocking because I don’t why or how I actually stumbled upon it. I tried to say thank you directly and possibly tie some loose ends but that didn’t happen. So, indirect wisher if you are reading this thank you for remembering and wishing. That was very kind.

I guess that’s it. THANK YOU once again. You guys rock my world! Stay blessed…


PS. Go here for pictures and details ;-)


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