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The many moods of Kyiv

The 19th of October 2013 was quite amazing. Kyiv that day was quite moody and revealed many of it’s true colors: the sullen, broody morning, pleasant and warm evening ending with a dark and bright, the mysterious night. Have a look!

The morning was literally changing it’s hues in minutes and it was like watching a mix of colors on the canvas of a passionate artist who is painting a masterpiece! See the blues? It didn’t come out as good but it was THE most brilliant shade of blue I have ever seen. MashaAllah.

The evening was romantic to say the least. It was cold but not so much. The soft shades of pink and cyan, the perfect angle of the sun – it was like a melody flowing through.

See how gorgeous the reflection is on this building? If you look closely in the first evening picture most of the building were showing a similar reflection =)

Nope, that is NOT the sun preparing to set. It’s the moon. After the sunset the view was like the picture above but the moon ACTUALLY looked like the pictures below. It was SO beautiful. I have never, ever.. and I mean NEVER have seen the moon so close and big and shining ever so bright! Again, it was the MOST brilliant view of the moon I have EVER seen subhanAllah. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get a decent picture. These pictures don’t do justice to what all of us actually saw with our eyes but I hope you get the idea at least.

Kyiv, you are truly a beauty. Thank you for the wonderful day =)

Until next time. Ciao! ♥


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