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Ammi, I miss you already!


I have been up all night. I know that is not anything new I am up every night but this night was just not the same. There is alot on my mind and I wanted to share it all. I seriously thought I might end up writing a very emotional post and for the very first time show my vulnerable side.

I can’t. Not because I don’t want to but I just can’t. If I start  I’ll pour every little thing out and not be able to stop myself. They are taking my Ammi to surgery right now and all I can do  is to request you that please please remember her in your prayers. It is Jummah today, it is a blessed day, just please take out a minute and say a prayer for her health, successful surgery and recovery. God forbid, it is nothing life threatening but alot is going to change in our lives for the next few months. It’s amazing how many lives depend on this one person and how ALL of us take her for granted. We really do and I am ashamed.

Ammi may Allah give you a long, healthy and happy life. May Allah Ta’ala always always bless you with everything that you deserve and more. May Allah always keep you in His grace and protection. May you always smile and may Allah give us hidayah that we treat you like you deserve to be treated. Ameen Allahuma Ameen.

Come back happy and healthy Ammi and make it soon. I am going crazy and it’s only been a few hours. I REALLY TRULY cannot function without you.

And I love you. Forever and always.

میرے سر پہ میری ماں کی ریضا شفقت ہے ورنہ
زمانے کی کڑی دھوپ سے میں اب تک جل چکا ہوتا ۔۔۔


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