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Wounded Heart

What if,

Everytime you hurt someone,

A gash was to appear,

On their heart,

The deeper they were hurt,

The deeper would go the cut,

Would you then,

Recognise the wounds,

That you gave?

Or attempt to mend the broken?

Or atleast be ashamed,


Because of you,

A part of them bled out,

They’ll never be the same,

They have spent every moment,

In silent pain,

And even if you were to heal the wound,

The scars shall always remain …


10 thoughts on “Wounded Heart

  1. Sadly, they don’t care most of the time :) We give them everything we have, give them our trust, our love, our very soul. In the end, they simply trample and trundle all over us, say sorry, and leave us to try and survive the aftereffects of their excruciating actions.


    • In this poem though I meant every relationship, not just one. Not everyone hurts you intentionally, not every gash is deep or cannot be healed or leaves a scar.

      I just meant if this was how it truly happened would one be more cautious in their dealings? Would one care and think before hurting someone, no matter how big or small it was? =)


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