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I let go of her hand

Every night he would stand here, staring at the city lights below. The world was at his feet but she had never seen a man look and feel so empty. To the world he was powerful, wealthy but to himself, so helpless. Money couldn’t buy him that which he desired.

“You are thinking about her again.” she said. It was not a question.

“There is a not single place on this earth where I can escape her thoughts.” he replied without looking at her.

“Why don’t you let her go? What was so special about her anyway?”

He was confused. What was so special about her? He couldn’t think of just one thing.

“She loved me.” he finally answered.

“That’s it? That’s special? Every girl out there is in love with you!” Are men really this stupid? She thought.

He laughed. A bitter laugh. “Love? Nobody loves me. It was just her. And she loved ME. Just me.. when I was nothing. When I had nothing. She is still the only person I trust. She sacrificed everything to be with me. Turned her back to the world to stand by my side. I was her entire world.” He stared at the lights again.

“When she looked at me I saw love in her eyes. Pure, complete, selfless. When I was with her, I could hear the happiness in her voice. When she touched me I used to feel like the luckiest man alive. And when she held my hand … ” his voice trailed off. He was gone back in time.

“When she held your hand..?” she couldn’t stop herself from asking.

He looked at her as if he had forgotten she was in the room.

“I told her that if she held my hand I would conquer the world for her and then lose it all for her again.” he replied sadly.

“So.. did you?”

He scoffed. “I snatched the ground beneath her feet and made my world on it to display my victories.”

“I don’t understand.”

He looked at her. She had never before seen such pain. As if someone did not just stab his heart with a knife but was twisting it around in it.

“I … I let go of her hand.”


9 thoughts on “I let go of her hand

  1. You just made me cry and my favorite part is ‘The pain in his eyes was such as if someone did not just stab but was twisting a knife in his heart.’ You define that feeling perfectly.


  2. Hi! I saw your comment on the community pool so I wanted to give some constructive criticism.
    1) After people are done talking, you should end with a comma in the quotation mark (eg. “goodbye,” she said)
    2) Saying “He couldn’t think of just one thing” and then saying his answer was “she loved me” makes it seem like her love for him wasn’t that prominent or obvious, which you make it out to be later on. My point is, it shouldn’t take him that long to think of that reply, and maybe it should be more like “He could only think of one thing”.
    3) This is just me being kind of strict with grammatical stuff :) . I’m not sure how…professional it is when sometimes you italicize for emphasis, other times you use bold, and sometimes you capitalize all the letters of the word. I think just italicizing would be the most common thing.
    4) It was great! It really drew you in and it was very meaningful! Awesome story :)
    By the way, I’m writing a novel and want to get the word out. Please check out my blog at Thanks!


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