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Girl on the wheelchair

They look at her and tear up.

Poor girl on the wheelchair.

She cannot even properly walk. Her life must be so difficult .. everyday a struggle. And at such young age!!! How will she ever live her life to the fullest?

Had she been normal she would’ve been married by now with a house of her own, a husband and kids.

Or at least she would’ve been working with a successful career.

Always locked up in her room she hardly ever goes out. She cannot drive and always needing someone else to help her around.

Oh, the dreams she had to let go and the things she had to give up.

Poor little girl on the wheelchair!

She looks at them and feel sad.

Poor people walking on two legs.

They never seem to take a break and sit down. For some reason they are always running around. Running FOR something. Running FROM something. Yet never satisfied. No matter how much they have they always seem to want more. They don’t even know what they are looking for. The girl on the wheelchair sits and observes how they are so into themselves that they seem to completely forget about everyone else around.

They have a house but fail to make it a home. A spouse with whom love is limited to special occasions. And children who are not raised as better future generations but are prepared to take part in the race. They have a family, they have everything but they never truly realise the blessing of it all. They are not necessarily na-shukray, they are just na-qadray; doing everything because everyone else does them too and so the complains never stop. The girl on the wheelchair doesn’t care about a house and a mechanical life. It’s not her loss if someone doesn’t want her as a wife, it’s theirs. She prefers a man who would look past her very obvious flaw rather than someone choosing her because she looked pretty walking around in some shadi event! Her children will not run in the rat race, they will sit on her lap and see the world. Enjoy it. Marvel at it. She wants a home, a family nurtured with love and possibilities. The kind she lives in now.

Yes, she could have had a successful career but she had realised a long time ago that corporate world was not for her. She didn’t study to get a job, it was for knowledge. She never wanted to work for money, it was for learning and experience. Life is unpredictable.. you never know what might come in handy tomorrow. She wanted to be ABLE to work shall the need arises. She didn’t want to achieve something just to prove a point. She didn’t want to slave away hours at a job she didn’t love or enjoy doing. She didn’t want work because she HAD to but only because she wanted to.

She has a world of her own locked up in that room of hers. She doesn’t need to become part of a noisy crowd just to drown her own thoughts or run away from herself. She is comfortable with her silence and her thoughts. She is at peace with her loneliness. She  doesn’t ENJOY going out much. From time to time yes, but she cannot live this fast paced life she is too easily exhausted. She CAN drive a car she is just not allowed to. And the fact that her family is literally always on her beck and call is what makes her feel protected and safe. They are her strength because she knows she is not alone in this. That no matter WHAT happens they will ALWAYS stand by her side.

For the dreams she had to let go, Allah gave her better realities. And the things she gave up? Pffft! They were just things she wanted, she has all the things she needs. Maybe even more. She is content with what she has because it is even better than what she had imagined!

So, tell me again, who needs more sympathy for their difficult life? The blessed girl on the wheelchair or you?



11 thoughts on “Girl on the wheelchair

  1. This is thought-provoking, and falls directly in line with the ideology ‘Money doesn’t buy you happiness’. Having everything in the world doesn’t make you productive; being resourceful does. Oh, how we appreciate the girl on the wheel chair who has a strength greater than many of those who dance around on their two legs everyday! <3


  2. What a great inspiring post, most of the people ignore these facts as we are part of the rat race. I think it’s more about the perspective. Our life will become easier if we think like the girl on the wheelchair. No doubt Allah has better plans for us and we should thank Allah for what we have.


  3. Excellent thoughts, altough they have very little to do with the girl’s disability and mostly her inherent goodness and compassion, and her unenslaved mind and heart.


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