English / Poems (by me)

Raindrops on my window

Plitter-platter, plitter-platter,

Tiny little raindrops,

Tapping on my window,

Dancing away,

Making music,

Oh! Wash away the pain,

And make it all clear,

Like you run and kiss the earth,

Pray I am with the one I hold dear.

Tell the sun to shine,

And adorn rainbows,

In the sky,

Let us rejoice together,

In the arms of our beloved,

For it has been for too long,

That we have cried.

But if you can’t do that,

Tell the earth to grow a tree,

Where only my love blossoms,

For the world to see.

Take the remnants of my love,

And ask the wind to blow,

Scatter it all,

No longer I’ll hide it,

Break free,

Let it show.

O dancing, little raindrops,

Hear my plea,

Don’t hold back,

Bring my beloved to me …



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