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There is no self in love


When you fall in love with someone you do every possible thing in the world to be with them. But sometimes, when your heart is in the right place, even with this ocean of love in your heart, you let them go. You let them go, knowing they are never coming back. Knowing it’s the ultimate end. Knowing that this is what’s best for them.

It is the easiest thing in the world to be with someone you love and live the life of your dreams. But there is no self in love. Love doesn’t demand sacrifices. Love asks no questions and it requires no answers. It is not having. Love is just that… Unconditional. Selfless. Vulnerable.

For once in your life nothing will be about you. Not your loss, not your pain, not your broken dreams. You are not thinking about your happiness, but theirs. You truly learn the art of loving when nothing else in the world matter except that one … You’d do anything and everything in your power to give them what they want.

Even if it means that their happiness as your pain, their success as your failure, and their being complete as your loneliness …

To others it’ll seem like a tragic end, to you it’ll be your eternal peace.

For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you.
 All these things shall love do unto you,
That you may know the secrets of your heart.

- Khalil Gibran.

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