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My name is Elite Muslim & I am not a hypocrite!

Comes Ramadan or Ramzan, Ramazan or.. wait that’s a separate issue. Haan tau Ramadan atay hi ye jo elite makhlooq hai apna pasandeeda sawal le ke baith jatay hain, “why be a pious Muslim only in Ramadan?” aur apni elitness zara mazeed jhaarne k liye some follow it with “not that anything is wrong with it!” Arey, agar wrong nahi hai tau kya takleef hai karne do jisko jo kar raha hai. Ap ne kaun sa apni phuphi zaad ka rishta karana hai. Ya phir pick a side.. either it bothers you or it doesn’t!

Phir to elaborate their point these overly excited elite I-am-not-a-hypocrite-or-holier-than-thou intelligent and morally sound bloggers share stories of their family or friends who they label as “Seasonal Muslims”. If I had a rupee for everytime I came across such posts, well, tau mere paas Magnum khanay ke paise bhi jama na hon mehngai barh gayi hai bhai! Yeah yeah, that’s another issue too.

Khair, pehli baat tau thanks alot (NOT!) for making me part of the gheebat! You decided to publicly declare another Muslim’s sins and humiliate him. Aur apki GK ke liye bata don, that’s an even BIGGER sin. Bazahir tau lagay ga it is to reveal their dark and evil side which doesn’t fit with the “seasonal Muslim” image but in reality us bechare banday ne apko bhi ghalti se ibadat karne ko bol dia hoga. God forbid, ap kar dain jo aisi hypocrisy! So, to hide your own spiritually sick heart you choose to blame the person and his religion, society and what not. Sadqay aisi elitness te!

Apni aqal laranay ki jagah agar deen samajhne ki koshish karain tau apko aur apke atraaf ke logon ko kaafi afaaqa hoga inshaAllah. Go on.. try it!


On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“Allah the Almighty said:

‘I am as My servant thinks I am (1). I am with him when he makes mention of Me. If he makes mention of Me to himself, I make mention of him to Myself; and if he makes mention of Me in an assembly, I make mention of him in an assembly better than it. And if he draws near to Me an arm’s length, I draw near to him a fathom’s length. And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed.”

(1) Another possible rendering of the Arabic is: ‘I am as My servant expects Me to be.’


Ek month ke liye karain, ek week ke liye, ek din ke liye, ek ghante ke liye ya phir sirf acha karne ka irada hi kar lain… Allah ke yehan rehmaton ki kami nahi jisko chahay jo aur jitna nawazay! Saalon ki ibadat ke bawajood bhi log Jahannum mai paye jayen gay.. aur kisi gunahgar ki ek naiki usay Jannat tak le jaye gi. For Allah sincere worship is never “hypocrisy” no matter how much of a sinner that person is.

Allah Ta’ala guides whomever He wants, whenever He wants and by whatever means. Hazrat Omar (RA) wanted to kill the Prophet but accepted Islam instead by hearing a simple recitation of the Quran. He was the one who brought all Muslims out of hiding and allowed them to worship Islam openly. And now, such is his honor that he is buried next to the Prophet. JUST a recitation of the Quran… SubhanAllah!

Allah Ta’ala says Verily, My Mercy Overpowers My Anger but YOU my elite, lets-not-be-hypocrites friend not only leave that chance but also, advice others to leave it. You tell people: let’s be stubborn, let’s not even take the first step, let’s not struggle, try or learn.. because of course hypocrisy is a sin. I mean never mind, lying, cheating, abusing, backbiting, not being obedient to our parents, but come on worshiping just in Ramadan .. that is just sinning on another level! Don’t pray rest of the year? Skip it in Ramadan too! I mean WHAT IF Allah gives you istaqamat and you carry forward the habit and do it for the rest of your life? Don’t recite the Quran? Yes, ofcourse let it still stay there on the highest shelf gathering dust.. what is the point of opening and reciting it to earn sawab now? Imagine, you might enjoy it so much that you end up reading the translation.. and tafsir. What if you actually become a better Muslim and person outside of Ramadan? Why not just hand Shaitan a “YOU WIN” on a big gold platter?

Qayamat ke din log ek ek naiki ko tarsain gay.. jo kar raha hai usko karne do. Kis dil se ya kis niyat se kar raha hai is see apka koi matlab hi nahi. Agar ap se karne ko keh raha hai tau karlo bhai .. kisi ka qatal thori hai acha kaam hi hai. Agar nahi karna tau ap baray ban jao (elite jo ho).. khamoshi se baat sunlo kam se kam aisay gunah tau na kamao. If you think they judge you, then FYI, you are judging too! Agay apki marzi. Allah Ta’ala sabko apne hifz-o-amaan mai rakhay aur naik insaan aur musalmaan banaye aameen.

Have a happy and blessed Ramadan.


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