English / Poems (by me)

O Children of Palestine

They will never play on the beach again ...

They will never play on the beach again …


Our children,

Forgive us,

You became victims of hate,

But we are Palestinians,

And this is our fate,

We’ve bid too many farewells,

And dug too many graves,

But it seems there is no end to,

The innocent blood that Israel craves.

Our tears never dry,

Our hearts always ache,

The noor of our eyes,

You are gone now,

But at least to a better place.


O children,

They say, “Israel has the right to defend itself”,

They forget you too had the right to live,

The world has turned their back on us,

They are blind to Israel’s injustices.

 They forget,

What they do will,

Come back to them one day,

Allah is watching,

His justice is not far away,

What they dread and fear,

Will come to pass,

We will be given back,

That which is rightfully ours,

We suffer with patience,

We seek the help of the Divine,

O children,

Pray for peace,

Pray for a free Palestine.


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