Poems (by me)

A Palestinian Father Cries


My daughter, my princess,

Open your eyes,

Please speak to me,

Don’t make your Baba cry.


Not long ago,

I had welcomed you in my life,

It’s not your time to go,

O please wake up!

Don’t make your Baba cry.


I hold your lifeless body,

As the Israeli airstrikes,

Continue to rain,

I can’t help but wonder,

If another father is,

Going through the same pain.


I had dreamed of giving you away,

As a bride,

With love, prayers and tears of joy,

But I had forgotten,

I am the father of a Palestinian child,

We buy shrouds instead of toys,

And here I am,

Lowering your tiny mangled body into the grave,

My darling, wake up!

Your Baba is not so brave.


In only one thing,

I am able to find solace,

Ibrahim (AS), has now taken my place,

In gardens you run,

In Jannah you play,

Nothing more to fear,

My daughter, my love,

You are finally safe.




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