English / Poems (by me)

… You’ll find me

The rising sun in the morning,

The twinkling stars at night,

The sun rays tenderly kissing the earth,

The birds preparing to take flight,

The colorful flowers of the spring,

The falling leaves of the autumn,

The breathtaking scenes in the winter,

The long,hot days of summer,

The crashing of the waves,

The sand at your feet,

The wind caressing your body,

The ocean so deep,

The thundering in the sky,

The coming down of rain,

The rainbow forming in the sky,

The puddles the next day,

The days we left behind,

The memory of you and me,

The memories there ever will be,

And then you’ll see,

Where there is love,

You’ll find me …

(Wrote this in 9th standard – Nov 2000)


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